Change control and change management are terms that are often used interchangeably. Both change management and change control are some of the most utilized and studied elements of the system and infrastructure management discipline.

These expressions might seem similar, but they are not. Change Control is not Change Management and vice versa. So, why are they separate and why can’t we use one in place of the other?

Looking at what both of them individually mean will help you understand things better.

Change Control

In change control, you carefully think beforehand, about all the important changes that are necessary to make and how you can avoid making any unnecessary modifications. You also consider how these changes will impact other factors in the system. And what are the long-term consequences of making these decisions?

It makes sure that the changes are introduced in a coordinated or controlled manner. The primary goals are making important changes, while at the same time ensuring that there is minimum disruption to the running services. It also emphasizes on the time management and effective utilization of the resources involved in making the change.

Change Management

After the change is decided, It is Change Management’s responsibility to ensure how these changes will carry out. It includes preparing individuals, creating teams and supporting the organizations in making this change possible. You can also think of change management as managing the people aspect of a change and how individuals will carry out these changes.

The success of a change plan is dependent on how people in an organization embrace the change. It helps manage people in an effective manner to drive business outcomes. It helps the employees adopt this change plan into their day-to-day work. It allows employees to be successful on the change journeys change control puts them on.

Change Control Vs. Change Management

The basic explanations above will help you understand each of their workings. But let’s look at a few more points to help you understand better:

  1. Change control deals with how changes are thought upon and established in the roadmap of a project. Change Management deals with how people adapt to these changes and how they change their working style to make sure they complete these new goals.
  2. Change control is all about thinking about how you can make a situation better without expending unnecessary resources. Change management is all about communication and guiding people together effectively to bring about these changes.
  3. Change control is usually for a single project and how we should solve it, Change Management mostly affects the entire organization and how people operate.
  4. Change control usually requires an IT-oriented solution and roadmap, while change management is not mostly technology-oriented.
  5. Change control is about managing requirements, change management is about changing hearts and behaviors of people.


Going through these points above will help you understand how both these terms differ in their operation. It all boils down to one thing. Change control is all about making effective changes without any unnecessary involvement, while change management is all about finding the best ways to implement these changes in the people of the organization to get the desired results.

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