So you have identified a change that needs to be implemented and you want to start a change control process, but you've come to the conclusion that controlling it manually, or in spreadsheets is not proving to be very efficient. Some of these changes may require tracking in multiple systems and programs, so how will you ensure that each step is being completed the right way and also that stakeholders are kept in mind before a change is even requested or that users are documenting each step that they take throughout the change control process? There are several software programs that now allow you to make and track these changes in a way that allows every team member to transparently see each step and participate in the process where appropriate.

You may not see the value in utilizing this type of software, but it really can force a sense of accountability that stakeholders may lack without it. Most of these software programs allow for a lot of collaboration and feedback from other team members, so it will create an environment where people are more meticulous and methodical about what they are doing. The other benefit of this type of collaboration is that stakeholders could get feedback from other team members that can guide them in a better direction. For example, if you are trying to use this software to implement change in a manufacturing plant but you are using a software that allows for feedback then you may learn something from people who work on the production floor that you may never have known about without their help.

The other benefit of using change control software is the idea of standardization. If you are going to control the change process then you should be doing it in a standardized way across the board. If you are not meticulous in how you execute the process, then the process may as well not exist in the first place! Software allows you to keep the process standardized and eliminates most of the opportunities for error along the way. It give all stakeholders the ability to know exactly what their role is and how their job fits into the bigger picture that they are trying to put together.

Change control software can be pricey, so don’t seek out its benefits for changes that can be done without it. The software really comes in handy when you have a change that is complicated or could potentially impact a lot of other things. For example, if you have a change to implement in your digital shipping system then that could impact ordering or inventory or others. It is a good idea to consider change control software when dealing with this type of change that could create more obstacles for your organization. Technology has created so many tools for us to use in making our lives easier, so why not use it to make your change control process go more smoothly?

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