The SOP that deals with material handling is a document that outlines the step-by-step methods of handling materials correctly and safely without the risk of accidents or hazard, especially when it relates to fragile or chemical material that are deemed dangerous on exposure.

Material handling is the movement, storage, protection and control of materials throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, construction and disposal. Material handling requires a wide range of manual, semi-automated and automated equipments. These equipments include automated storage and retrieval systems, automatic guided vehicles, automatic identification and data collection, caster and wheels, controls, conveyors, dock equipment, ergonomics, hoisting equipment, industrial robots, integrated material handling systems, item order fulfillment systems, lift trucks, monorails and workstation cranes, overhead cranes, packaging, protective guarding racks, software, sortation, storage.

Material handling systems are used in almost every industry, such as aerospace, appliance, automotive, beverage, chemicals, construction, consumer goods, E-Commerce, food, hardware, hospital, manufacturing, material processing, paper, pharmaceutical. Plastics, retail, warehousing and distribution.

There are ten principles that guide the handling of materials. These principles include planning standardization, work, ergonomics, unit load, space utilization, system, environment, automation, life cycle cost.

Material Handling SOP Example

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