What is Software Change Control?

Similar to technological systems, software will inevitably require change control systems in place because software is guaranteed to eventually become obsolete for your business needs. Not to say that software will always die, but your business will grow and change and evolve in ways that you cannot always predict and software is always being developed with new technologies and functions. As your business’ needs change, you will discover new software at some point that will fit in with your business more acutely down the road. When that time comes, it is important to have change control as a front of mind necessity so that you can avoid problems before they arrive at your door step.

Software is a sensitive issue for any business because it is the way that all aspects of the business flow together. Generally there are many different systems that are all connected to each other through software that is designed to interact with other software programs and a change in one will impact all others that are either directly or indirectly connected to it. As you set up the procedures for software change control, it is important to remember that there must be a deep analysis done of how any one program will impact others and how various chain reactions can be created from one single misstep.

Having team members involved in managing the software changes is another crucial part of this story because sometimes only certain departments will use one software but the program could impact other departments if changed improperly. For example, you may have some software that is built for bookkeeping but that software may be fed information from the warehouse inventory management software or from your sales team’s software and therefore implementing a change to that bookkeeping software can alter how the inventory and sales are fed into it. This can wreak serious havoc in your workflow and can cause your business to lose valuable data when implementing changes to any software system.

Ensuring that software change control is set up in a way that considers all aspects of your business and how your existing software can grow and evolve is crucial to your business’ ability to grow and change over time. In the digital age, nothing related to software will stay the same forever and your business needs to be set up in a way that is agile and nimble so that you can morph with the times as you progress. Whenever these changes are necessary, you will know how to set the process up for receiving, analyzing, testing and implementing any crucial software change and your business will continue to flourish.

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