A change request typically comes from a client or from someone on your staff and it is usually related to a system or process that is in need of improvement from within your organization. This would be a request to improve upon something that you have set up in order to improve functionality or improve client experiences. More often than not, companies do not have a change control process in place for allowing change requests to flow freely in the way that they need to but these requests could open the eyes of management to a problem that they never even knew existed. It is important to allow for these requests to go through without too many restrictions in order to get all of the information necessary to get your business working in top shape. The only way to ensure success of your business is if your employees are productive and your clients are satisfied, and making sure that they all have a way to express their needs or concerns to your management team is the best way to create that positive and productive environment.

Team members deal with clients, with technological systems, with the phones, with the budget requests and everything else that you could possibly put in place for your business. Unfortunately, our competitive work culture has allowed employees to feel afraid to come forward with concerns or suggestions for fear of offending their superiors. There is the underlying fear that either consciously or subconsciously, their boss will pass them up for opportunities in the future if they question the judgment of their boss with a change request. This can be a toxic work culture and it will prevent management from hearing brilliant ideas and innovations that their staff may be mulling over and that can be bad for both business and morale. Keep those lines of communication open and make sure that you are encouraging more feedback from your team.

When a change request comes from a client, it can feel a little bit embarrassing. Entrepreneurs work so hard to create their products, establish their services and build their brand so when the people you are working to serve are telling you that you need to make a significant change, it can feel like egg on your face. You need to take your personal feelings out of it and remember that your ultimate goal is to make your customers happy. Now, you may find that a change request will not benefit the majority of your clients and simply a handful. When that happens, look at potentially offering a new product or service that is designed just for that niche of customers who want it. There are creative ways to observe these requests without losing your brand identity and still making sure that your clients are getting everything that they want and need out of your business.

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